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A Rudraksha can Cure diseases!

A Rudraksha can Cure diseases!

Rudraksha Beads are proven to have many health benefits. The healing powers and anti-aging properties have been proved. Rudraksha Beads can help cure many diseases. It is also used as a remedy for stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, impotency, lack of concentration, mental instability etc.  Many researches were done in order to find more about the properties and healing powers of the rudraksha beads. One such research was that of Dr Suhas Rai and team of Indian Institute of Technology in Banaras who confirmed that indeed the rudraksha beads have special powers and they vary from bead to bead or on the basis of different mukhi's.

Wearing Rudraksha Beads helps to overcome difficulties and obstacles in life. These beads does not have any negative effects like gemstones. A Rudraksha also protects the wearer from several diseases because of its medicinal properties. The Electromagnetic character of the Rudraksha empowers the bead to cure the human body medically as well as spiritually. These beads are very widely used in Ayurveda in preparing medicines for several diseases. 'Rudraksha Therapy' is now gaining more and more popularity and is proved more effective than gem and magnetic therapy in curing several diseases.

 Magnetic Property
It is said that the reason for most illnesses is impure blood circulation which is resulted from the blockages in the passage of arteries and veins which carry blood to and from the heart to all parts of the body due to variety of reasons. Magnets, these days are extremely popular for purpose of healing such diseases. When magnets are brought in contact with the affected area it opens up or expands only those sections of veins and arteries where the polarity matches because of which complete healing is not possible. Though Rudraksha Beads retains most of the properties of magnets, but it also has the ability to change its polarity which can be termed as Diamagnetism, the ability of any material to acquire temporary magnetic property in the presence of an external magnetic field. In other words, it has the property of dynamic polarity as a result of which it acquires a polarity that is opposite of the inducing magnetic field created by heartbeats and blood circulation thereby opening up the passages of arteries and veins better facilitating a much better healing and rejuvenation experience than magnets

Electrical Property
Our state of mind and personality is governed by the brain, its functioning and that of the central nervous system. Our body can be considered as a complex bio-electronic circuit and stress or increased physical activity can cause a malfunctioning. Rudraksha Beads are dielectric in nature and thereby can store electric energy. This resistance and dielectric property makes it capable of stabilizing and anchoring the bioelectric current in the body. Because of its Electromagnetic and inductive properties rudraksha can send out inductive vibrations with frequencies signals to the brain activating or controlling certain brain chemicals and neurotransmitters effecting positive changes. Rudraksha are therefore used to treat hyperactivity, palpitations of the heart and for streamlining heart beat etc.

 Some references used

·           Based on the Research papers  "Rudraksa Properties and Biomedical Implications" published by Dr Suhas Roy,PHD  of IIT, Banaras in 2000 and his book ‘Rudraksha’
·           The book ‘Power of Rudraksha’ published by Rudracentre

Types of Rudraksha Bead
The One faced Rudraksha

One Faced Rudraksha Bead The One faced Rudraksha Bead is the symbol of the Supreme Truth, the Creater of this Universe. The one mukhi rudraksha is ruled by Sun and rectifies all sun related problems in the horoscope. It cures diseases like TB, chronic asthma, bile and liver complaints, paralysis, stroke, heart problems, mental anxiety, bone pain etc. This rudraksha affects the 7th Chakra on top of head (Sahasrara Padma Chakra) and therefore is also very effective for curing Headache and right Eye Defect. This bead can also be worn by those seeking higher level of concentration, those doing spiritual practices like meditation and those who are highly emotional and affected by ups and downs in life. The wearer of this bead would be blessed with success, power and glory. It is also noticed that the wearer of one faced Rudraksha gets his mental structure changed and naturally inclines towards God. It is said that at any house where the one mukhi is worshipped, wealth remains in abundance and all troubles vanish. It is believed that this bead also removes the sin of Brahmin slaughter and all sins committed in the past life. Numerologists recommend this Rudraksha for people governed by number 1. One mukhi rudraksha bead comes in round and half moon shapes. The half moon shaped bead is also referred to as 'Chandramukhi rudraksha'.
Two faced Rudraksha

Two Faced Rudraksha Bead
Two faced Rudraksha Bead is associated with Moon and is a remedy for Moon related problems in one's horoscope. It works miraculously for the treatment of diseases like impotency, lack of concentration, renal failure, stress, anxiety, bronchial problems, depression, negative thinking, eye problems, mental chaos, hysteria, intestinal disorder etc. Two mukhi Rudraksha bead should be worn by those facing obstacles in getting married or having children or having relationship problems. Those suffering from sleeplessness and nightmares also can get relief by putting this Rudraksha bead under their pillow. This bead is said to destroy the sin of animal slaughter and bestows the fulfillment of all desires. This bead is considered as a symbol of Ardhanareeshwar (the joint image of Shiva and Shakthi) by Shaivates and as the symbol of lord Vishnu by the Vaishnavaites. Numerologists suggest this bead to those governed by the number two.

The three faced rudraksha bead

Three Faced Rudraksha BeadThe three faced rudraksha bead is the symbol of the Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha). It also represents Lord Agni and wearing this bead is believed to purify the soul the wearer and free him from all sins. Three faced rudraksha bead is ruled by planet Mars and therefore is considered as a remedy for the ill positioning of mars in the horoscope like Maglik Dosha. Three mukhi rudraksha beads are beneficial for those suffering from weakness, inferiority complex, laziness, depression and negative thinking. This bead is also worn as a cure for Schizophrenia, inferiority complex, psychosis or guilt induced complexes, blood pressure, disturbed menstrual cycle, mood swings, acute fever, jaundice, mental disability, Blood defect, plague, small pox, digestive problems, spontaneous abortion, ulcer etc. Numerologists recommend this bead to those governed by the number nine. This rudraksha is said to bless the wearer with money, knowledge and wisdom and takes all the miseries and sorrow from the life of the wearer making the life full of happiness and comforts.

The Four Faced Rudraksha Bead

Four Faced Rudraksha Bead
The Four Faced Rudraksha Bead is ruled by the planet Mercury and is prescribed as a remedy for curing the malefic effects of Mercury in the horoscope. This bead also represents Lord Brahma and gives the wearer the four essentials of life namely Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. It acts as cure for cough, asthma, brain related illness, stammering, mental illness, paralysis, memory lapse, respiratory tract problems, nervous disorders, yellow fever and nasal disease. This Rudraksha also removes laziness, excessive sleep and unwanted dreams. This bead is suitable for students, teachers, scientists, journalists, sales persons, writers etc. Numerologists suggest this rudraksha for number 5 persons. This rudraksha bead is said to remove the sin of manslaughter. It is said that even if an atheist wear this rudraksha, he would become a devotee of God.

The Five Mukhi Rudraksha Bead

Five Mukhi Rudraksha Bead
 The Five Mukhi Rudraksha Bead is the most common of all rudraksha beads. This bead is governed by the planet Jupiter and acts as a remedy for Jupiter related problems in horoscope. This bead works miraculously on piles, stress, blood pressure, mental disability, diabetics, stomach disorders, obesity, constipation, digestive problems, tooth-ache, heart problems, anger management, neurotic and mal adjustment problems etc. This rudraksha bead affects all major chakra points. The 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is said to control the five elements in the human body (fire, water, air, sky and Earth) and destroys the five main sins (lust,anger,greed, attachment and ego). This bead wipes off all sorts of sins that accrue from sexual intercourse with a forbidden woman and from eating forbidden food. According to Numerology this bead is best suited for number three persons. Five mukhi beads are commonly used as ‘Japa mala’ or rosery and gives peace of mind, happiness and spiritual inclinations to the wearer.
Dipping a couple of raw 5 mukhi beads in water after sunset and drinking the water early morning on empty stomach is very effective in controlling blood pressure. 5 Mukhi is very effective in controlling sudden nervousness as well. One should hold a big 5 mukhi rudraksha bead tightly on the right palm for a few minutes to find the confidence lifting up miraculously and body warming up.

Six Faced Rudraksha Bead

Six Faced Rudraksha Bead
Six Faced Rudraksha Bead is governed by planet Venus and wearing this bead helps in controlling the malefic effects of Venus in the horoscope. Six mukhi rudraksha increases concentration and cures epilepsy, gynecological problems, hysteria, problems with Eyes, reproductive organs and urinary tract etc. This rudraksha is also said to bring understanding and appreciation of Love, Sexual Pleasure, Music and Personal relationships. Six Mukhi rudraksha beads represents lord Kartikeya and is highly recommended for those engaged in learning and those who want to improve their charm and speech power. This rudraksha can be used as a substitue of 13 mukhi rudraksha bead. In Numerology, people governed by Number 6 are recommended to wear this Rudraksha . This bead is said to free the wearer from the sin of Brahm Hatya.

The Seven Faced Rudraksha

Seven faced Rudraksha Bead
The Seven Faced Rudraksha bead is ruled by the planet Saturn is prescribed as a remedy for Saturn related problems like Sadesati and kal sarpa yoga. According to Vaishnavites this rudraksha represents Shesha Nag, the king of serpents. It is believed that snakes never bother the wearer of this Rudraksha. According to others it represents goddess MahaLakshmi. The 7 mukhi rudraksha bead is used to cure diseases like asthma, pharyngitis, impotency, foot related diseases, respiratory disorders cold, pain in bone and muscles, paralysis, long term diseases etc. The 7 mukhi bead is said to bless the wearer with wealth, fame and spiritual knowledge. In Numerology, people governed by Number 8 are recommended to wear this Rudraksha. The Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is said to please Kamdev (Cupid) and is also referred to as ‘Kamdev rudraksha’.

Finally points to note down.
1.       Many fake Rudraksha bead are available, so beware.
2.       Totally 21 kinds of Rudraksha bead are available in general,  also other rare Rudraksha bead’s  are Ganesh Rudraksha bead, Gauri Shankar Rudraksha bead  , Garb Gauri Rudraksha bead  , Trijuti Rudraksha Rudraksha bead.


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